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That Piano at the Gym(2008)

Do you notice that big box at the right side of the back of the gym? near the girl’s rest room? Well there’s more to it htan just a dust collecting box. That box was a silent witness of love, compassion, pain and many more. Kung di dahil sa kahon na yun, wala ako sa kinalalagyan ko ngayon.

February 1, 2008

Last week, Tuesday, I was given a very great honor… I was just walking to the ecological park when I heard someone playing the piano… I peeped inside the gymnasium and found the her there along with mother Josie and Mark  Paul…

It was Sister Tilet… I never saw her play that good… she was in the peak of his passion for music…

I remember when she said,

“kahit ako’y hindi pwede magasawa, ito na lang ang asawa ko… ang piano”

Hmmm. Then she offered me free lessons… this wads just the thing I was waiting for… before that day came, I only imagined her to be just someone who knows how to play the instrument but after that encounter, I realized that it’s her passion to play…

She has been my idol since I got here because she really plays so good. She even played a composition of my favorite musician… (Fur Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven)

With her teaching me piano lessons, I’m bound to learn… it would be the greatest gift I will receive for my birthday…

Thank you Sr. Tilet….