About Everything

The ”author”

I write in Filipino and English

I write about my life as a student

I write about my life as a working student

I draw when I do not write

I post what I draw

I have a FaceBook account

I am mentally disturbed

I am not an emo

… maybe not in appearance

I love writing

So as I love music

I play the guitar

I love my mom

I love my dad

I am Catholic in heart and mind

…which means I have no suicidal attempts

…which proves I am not emo

I am happy at times

I love Religious Education in our school

I am thinking

I love to sleep

I am sweet

I love to draw comics for my love ones

…just tell me, I am more than happy to give you one

I do not dance

I can sing

I love old songs

I love to read

I love to write

I forget at times

But often I remember

I love pandas

I read naruto on onemanga.com

I am thinking of getting my blog hosted

I have no money yet… maybe later

I love the eraserheads

I wish they could have known me

I am a KABATAQ member

I am the youngest I think

I have no best friends

I treat them fairly, no favoritisms

I thank you for reading my posts

I will read yours too

I love art

I love to love

I love photoshop

I love taking pictures

I don’t have a camera

I don’ want my picture to be taken

I don’t know why

I will continue this later

I am out of I’s

I love smileys J

I love ellipses “…”


The “blog”

I discovered writing when in college. I wrote on paper and I really want to get attention with what I write. Too bad I got one heck of a penmanship, they really find it confusing just to read. So there it is, I found a solution when I saw an Asian movie “I Not stupid 2” in a course I attended.

From then on, I wrote everything about my life as a student, as a working student, as an intern, as a kid, as a son, as a dreamer, and as a mentally disturbed, yet sweet and gentle person that I can be.

From a blog on Friendster, to a blog in iDotPh, to a simple yet appealing page in wordpress, my life has been connected to the world through these writings.



Palab0y was a nickname I thought of after realizing that during high school and college, our family never got a permanent address. We always moved from one place to another due to some reasons that my parents don’t want to talk about. I also have a knack of just walking around the school, or just sitting by a corner whenever I am bummed and got nothing to do. They often smile and say “O, para kang palaboy diyan, nasan ang nanay mo? Uwi na ikaw hehe.”

I love to do that when I am thinking of the positives and negatives of my life. If I get struck by a lightning of thought and contemplation, you get lucky and get something to read in this blog of mine.

Everything else will be revealed when you read my posts. Happy blogging kabayan!!



  1. Salamat sa Paglaboy mo sa Blog ko… hahaha

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, I happen to like yours too.
    Mind if I add it to my blogroll in my WordPress blog? 😀
    By the way, I like your drawings; I’ve visited your userpage in deviantART and you’re really good! 🙂
    Take care always and God bless!

  3. Oops, the URL in name for my first comment is wrong, this comment contains the correct one. 🙂

  4. i love it.. 🙂

  5. i just dropped by..

  6. maganda… masayang basahin… and reflects your person… keep it up

  7. “””‘hhaha..swabe k talaga boss!!!idol!!!turuan mu nga Q maggawa ng ganitong site!!!hah??hehe…””””gsto Q magtagal talaga d2 i.t.c. pra marami din q malaman tulad nio…at xympre salamat din kc tinuturuan nio Q!!!””‘MARAMING SALAMAT MGA BOSS!!!!!!!””””

  8. ganda ng blog mu ngaun ah.. 😉

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