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P’Noy’s First State of the Nation Address

Here are the answers the Filipinos are most hoping for. The response to the greatest expectations our nation has given to their leader. Will he pull us a little higher to where we are now or shall we keep looking up while corruption and poverty pull us down.

Here is a complete transcript of P’Noys SONA


July 26, 2010
Batasan Pambansa Complex
Quezon City

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte; Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile; Vice President Jejomar C. Binay; Chief Justice Renato Corona; Former Presidents Fidel Valdez Ramos and Joseph Ejercito Estrada; members of the House of Representatives and the Senate; distinguished members of the diplomatic corps; my fellow workers in government;

Mga minamahal kong kababayan:

Sa bawat sandali po ng pamamahala ay nahaharap tayo sa isang sangandaan.

Sa isang banda po ay ang pagpili para sa ikabubuti ng taumbayan. Ang pagtanaw sa interes ng nakakarami; at pagkapit sa prinsipyo; at ang pagiging tapat sa sinumpaan nating tungkulin bilang lingkod-bayan. Ito po ang tuwid na daan.

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AGAPE: Her Gift of Acknowledgement

This should have been written a lot earlier but after some months of delay, it’s done already.

It was summer then and I was alone in the studio waiting for the new students to come and have their pictures taken. This was the least fun part of my work as a student s assistant in the Information technology Center for I have to sit in that little room the whole day until someone arrives. After a few minutes or so, I’m back to talking to myself and listening to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 over and over again, it’s the only music installed on the PC I am operating.

I decided to clean up a little when I found a book. I saw that book a few weeks earlier in the office of the author herself. I found out that it was a Biography and I was kind of hesitant to open the book then because after all, it was her office and I was just there to fix her printer.  So seeing the chance to satisfy my curiosity, I browsed through the pages.

Written in glossy paper, I presumed that there were only a few copies of that book, looking at the graphics on the cover, made me think of a regular book with a regular content. I opened it and saw pictures, after a few minutes of browsing something caught my attention… believe it or not, after catching it, it failed to let it go.

"Judging a book by its cover really pays."

"Judging a book by it's cover really pays."

Aside from being a biography, it was also a love story like no other, a love story bound by restrictions and hindrances that the weak of heart dare not to cross. The words I read become realistic scenes at the back of my head as I read along. This was one story different from the others and definitely she was one person different from whom I first knew. From the school personnel who she used to be, calling for help after work hours in Saturdays, she became a favorite personality of mine. From her experiences I was touched, the controversies I was intrigued, her search for herself made me wonder if there are things left to do for her. Yet at the back of all those she still is a daughter to a loving mother and a mother herself to her son.

Finishing the book, I found out that it was morning already. I lipped the book in my bag and hit the bunkers but the excitement is still there. I want to talk to her, ask questions, ask for more stories but how.

A year later I found her on a social network in the internet, added her up and just waited for an opportunity to do some interview. A week later she was online and we were able to have a really short conversation.

I told her my feedback on her book, that I was touched and all but her comments were far more touching. After that she had to go and the next week after she arrived in the Philippines. I saw her on the corridor, greeted her the way I used to and was shocked to know that she remembers me. It was an enlightening experience for me, to be acknowledged like that.

It was nice finally seeing her and meeting her for the first time, even though we have always seen and met each other before.

Up to now, I’m still hoping for that long conversation.

Thesis Mode

There will come a time in every fourth year student in our course that he/she will go in the battle field against three notorious panelists with only documents and an output system as arsenals. Yup, this is Thesis Defense, and we are now running here and there just to finalize our strategy to win this war.

The first battle already began and the three of us were stunned in answering the panel’s questions, even so, we defended our problem and documents with flying colors. We were the first one out that battleground and we did not know what to expect. Throwing them English explanations for our problem was the hardest part… loosing ammunition in speaking English is the worst dead end one can ever encounter.

The battle went on with the other groups and in my opinions, me and my group mates were victors. And we wish the others the same victory and glory we reached.

The battle has ended, still there is a war we have to win… next stop, CMS Mode.




Omar Joseph Luces | Ralph Russel Rafael | Lubert Roxas

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Juan:     Paano namatay si Rizal?


Pedro:  Binaril

Juan:     Mali ka

Pedro:   Eh paano?!

Juan:     Hindi mo alam? Pinugot ang ulo, inilagay sa piso!!

Nyek Nyek Nyek


For about two hours, I laughed about this joke that my classmate t

old me way back when I was in grade 1, only now that I was a grown up did I see how corny and senseless it was. Yet, it tickles the funny bones of all children who went through a public school. For them, our national hero’s existence lie in every joke about Jose, every chart of National Symbols on the wall, on every one peso  coin and in every portrait beside our current presidents. F

or such a long period of childhood, they have know our national hero in this

point of view, even I took so many years before knowing, not how he died, but how he lived.

This was one subject I really left out for the last few

semesters of my time here in our school. I left it out for two reasons, 1) it is a minor subject in our curriculum and 2) many students leave this out too and so this subject was always available every semester. I was excited at the same time irritated since it took me almost four years before I can take it and because I know who my teacher will be.

On the bad side of luck, I was not surprised when she came on the platform, spoke in her drunken accent and gave as much assignment as we can have. In only a single session, she has assigned a reporter on every chapter of the reference book which was used even before she was a student. I found it difficult to be motivated in her class since her old-fashioned way of teaching was really hard to absorb. There were no integrations of our lessons, nothing new about that, my last two social science subjects in her class proved to be the same as today.

But enough about her, despite my idleness in her subject, I don’t know what happened but I just simply turned the pages of that book and read. When not in the mood, I read with my eyes but my thoughts say a different thing. And from the first few paragraphs, I have to read them again because I did not understand anything besides the thought of Sesame Street dancing in my mind.

I fell asleep and when I woke up, there were no classes then, I just continued reading, for ones, I became interested by the conflicts of his time, the violence of our conquerors and the Filipino’s thirst for freedom and retribution. I kept on reading, after a while, I noticed that I have gone through the chapter assigned to me which was my original purpose of opening that book. Pausing for only bathroom breaks and answering the text message on my phone, nothing stopped me from reading. I did not eat lunch on time, I brought it to the toilet, and it takes me until eleven in the evening just to feel my eyes already shedding tears for lack of rest and sleep.

After two nights and one whole day, I finished the book and to my surprise, I understood it, maybe not in full detail but by heart I understood how our hero lived before having to face death. For once, I saw through him in a different way, more than Juan and Pedro could have known him, in a way that a Filipino should know him.


A tribute to a writer that every blogger should know of.


The days of wondering what it’s like to work in this profession I chose came to a day where answers will nearly be revealed. Read the rest of this entry


“Kung ano marinig mo sa kaliwa, ilabas mo sa kanan.”

“Wag mo dibdibin yun, sinisindak ka lang nila.”

“Ok lang yun, ganun talaga sa una.”

Salitain ng mga ate at kuya naming nagsilisan na sa aming paaralan. Ngayong kami naman ang nakatatanda, ito na rin ang naging bukambibig namin sa mga bagong kasama na nakikipagsapalaran sa hirap ng buhay. Dahil kami ay nagtatrabaho rin sa institusyong ito, hindi talaga maiiwasan na mangyari ang mga di kanais nais-na sermon at ang mapagsabihan sa pinakamasakit na paraan, kasama na ang mapahiya, mapaiyak at matameme sa harap ng mga nakatataas.

Bilang mga mumunting empleyado, alam na naming ang aming lugar at kasama na rito ang pag respeto sa mga nakatatas. Dahil sila ang tumutulong sa amin upang maging matagumpay. Hindi rin naman maikakaila na mayroon pa rin naming mga taong sing bangis ni Pilato at halos ipako ka na sa sarili mong krus sa harap ng nakararami. Mga taong hindi nakikita ang paghihirap na pinagdaanan namin dahil sa mas nakaranas sila ng paghihirap noon pa. Sila na hindi man lang inisip an gaming mararamdaman sa tuwing hindi nila nabibigyang halaga ang aming ginawa, na sa kabila ng pagbibigay ng lahat ng aming makakaya, ni kaunting pagpapasalamat ay ipinagkakait pa.

Saka pumapasok ang mga linyang ito, bilang pangpalubag loob sa mga nanghihinang tao, upang minsan ay makakita sila ng positibong pananaw kahit sa pinakamasalimuot na sitwasyon ng aming trabaho.Noong una ay ako ang sinasabihan nito, ngayon ay ako naman ang nagsasabi sa mga kasunod ko, at sa lahat ng napagdaanan ko, hindi ito umubra.

Sabihin man nating ayos lang ang lahat, hindi pa rin mabura sa isip at damdamin ko ang mga karanasang iyon. Naituwid ko man ang lahat ng aking pagkakamali, hindi mawawala ang sakit na kinailangan kong daanan upang matamo iyon. Pumasok man ito sa kaliwa, mambubulahaw muna ito ng isip at damdamin bago lumabas sa kabila.

Ngunit hindi man umubra ang lahat ng ito, ganito na lang ang iniisip ko,at gusto ko rin ibahagi sa inyo, na kahit ang anak ng Lumikha, dumaan pa rin kay Poncio Pilato, at sa kabila ng paghihirap niya, pag-ibig at pag-unawa pa rin ang nasa Kanyang huling hininga. 🙂

Seeing Through

With six knights solemnly marching down the aisle, before the priest that greeted everyone with a smile, the beginning of a very remarkable day was marked.

It was a very peaceful Friday and it was clear to me what day it is. That was the day we celebrate St. Louise de Marillac’s feast day, and even though it was not the official day of the feast, my mind was set to the different duties that was assigned to me. To serve the altar on the Holy Eucharistic Celebration and to document the activities assigned to our department. And thus it began, a day that I was looking forward to, a day that I did not expect would end up the way it did.

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Ever since I was born in this world of blogging, I considered every word, phrase, or paragraph I write as part of my heart and life. I treat them as a work of art no matter how short or long it is and for whatever reason I wrote them for. With this, I posted in my blog a couple of written reports that I was supposed to submit at school. But then, a professor of mine just found himself in my blog while surfing the internet and found an article his student happen to have submitted to him.

The next morning he asked me where in the world I copied my work which happens to have the highest grade. I told him nowhere but my own since I made it and then he gives me my own blogsite and tells me that he found my work there word for word. He gave me a look that I should explain and I did.

We ended up that confrontation with some laughs and he became a regular visitor here.


Pag minsan, naiisip ko kung ako ay magkakatrabaho pa ba pagkatapos kong mag aral. sa aking pag aaral kung saan ako namulat sa iba’t ibang Gawain na kinakailangan ko sa aking hinaharap. Ganito daw talaga ang buhay ng working student. Kahit nagaaral ka pa lang ay namulat ka na sa tunay na kulay ng buhay, ng tao at ng paligid mo. Alam mo na magtrabaho, mabigat man o magaan, alam mo na kung pano makisama, sa mga bossing mong Jurassic (o hindi J) at sa ibat ibang nasa paligid mo at syempre, alam mo na ang iba’t ibang kalakaran sa kaliwa’t kanang sulok ng bawat pakana ng mga tao sa paligid mo. Marunong ka na magudjust sa mga sitwasyon sa paligid mo, at kaya mo na iiwas ang iyong sarili sa mga sitwasyong sa tingin mo ay magkakalintik lintik ang buhay mo.

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Scholarship Anyone?


To all High school graduates who cannot afford their College Schooling.

Are you dreaming of finishing your education yet too financially insufficient to do so? Do you know someone who do? Here is a possible soloution for you…

Here in Sacred Heart College, a scholarship grant is given besides that of the usual Academic Scolarships. It is called Marillac Grant In-Aid and is open to Catholic applicants who are willing to continue their studies in exchange for their assistance in the institution.


  • Free tuition and subsidized miscellaneous fees
  • Free breakfast
  • Free ordinary and dental services
  • Board and lodging at a very minimal fee
  • On-going Formation


  • Belongs to a low-income family with three (3) or more dependents
  • Physically and psychologically healthy
  • Single, 16-25 years old on application time
  • High School Graduate with an average of at least  85%
  • NO FAILING GRADE in any subject


  • Application letter addressed to Sr. Servant of Sacred Heart College
  • Bio-data with an autobiography
  • Clear copy of Birth and Baptismal Certificates
  • 4th year High School report Card
  • Baranggay Clearance
  • Health certificates with X-ray result
  • Certification of Good Moral Character from the Parish Priest and the School Principal
  • Sacred Heart College Entrance test result

If you are interested and has questions, you can either

email us at:

visit our site at:

call us at: (042) 710-3888/710-2505

You can also ask me heheh I am one of those people  who has been given the scholarship.