tie a yellow ribbon for cory aquino

Cory Aquino: My Yellow Ribbon

Cory Aquino: My Yellow Ribbon

After getting tagged by mahalia, i mmediately responded with my own sketch of the former president. I will also support barriosiete’s efforts along with the efforts of every blogger and Filipinos praying for her recovery.

If we Filipinos are worth dying for, we will not wait for death to prove it.


About palab0y

I'm just a Computer Science student finding his way into the internet when suddenly he encountered different blog sites and had the interest to have his own one.

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  1. gloria resign..

  2. more post and kwetong barbero to come… 🙂

  3. Hi, I’m also a Palaboy.. Nice site. Exchange links po?

  4. Hi, I already added you on my blogroll. Tnx!

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