written by bogart

Sometimes I feel exhausted

Sometimes I feel I’m sick,

Can’t even move a muscle

Can’t even barely speak


It seems I haven’t eaten

It seems I haven’t slept

My body just can’t take it

After everything it kept


They think I need a doctor

I beg to disagree

I know my own illness

I know my remedy


These things that I have told you,

Those things I seem to feel

Sometimes I just feel them

But they are not that real


I just want some attention,

A hug or maybe two

I just need some comfort,

Maybe I just need you


I can’t help but feel them

So that you’d give me care,

Or those sweet thoughts that gives me

The smiles you make me wear


Maybe not exhausted

Maybe I’m not sick

Maybe those are child’s play

Maybe those are tricks


Just so that you would notice

How badly I miss you, just so you would know

I’m lonely without you.


About palab0y

I'm just a Computer Science student finding his way into the internet when suddenly he encountered different blog sites and had the interest to have his own one.

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  1. I just want some attention..(bottom line)

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