Reading in Circles

My thoughts of you are my mornings’ inspiration

And my evenings’ comfort

They are wondrous thoughts free in spirit

And they take me along when they are soaring

Above the things that cloud other parts of my life

You make everything alright in my world,

Every time I think of you

If I know what love is,

It is because every moment with you

Is a past, a present and a future

That brings me closer to a wish come true

Than any fantasy I’ve ever had

With your own special magic

And in your own marvelous ways,

You have given my days

With more richness, joy and love

Than most people will ever dream of…

I love you…


I was never fond of giving gifts, expensive accessories or other luxuries. Since we are both students, saving money was still a priority for us. Only a few times in our relationship did we go to the movies, dated in an extraordinary location or eat in an exquisite restaurant.

Though she did not experience what every young woman’s dream of these things, I made her experience what every young woman never dreamed of experiencing.

In the early stages of our relationship, and up to now, we still give each other gifts that was beyond what money can do. I send her letters expressing my love, drawings and comic strips that makes her smile and other simple things for her to remember me. In return she does the same. She even gives me artworks (she is a painter) and sings for me on the phone whenever I call her.

These simple things reminds us that love is more than the words spoken when we see each other, more than the things we give each other, even more than the times we see each other. Beyond distance, studies and work, still this love is burning giving light and color to our life as young individuals. Eventually as we become mature of heart and of mind, may this love still give us warmth as we face a new challenge in life…




O diba, parang ikakasal  eh ano, drama eh


Gusto ko lang I-share ang unang tula na ibinigay sa akin ng aking mahal. Nakuha ko sya kagabi, binigyan ko sya ng isang maliit na rosary, kahoy,  at technicolored. Sinulat nya yung tula sa isang papel following the path of her name. Tapos paikot-ikot sa border noong papel. Ang sweet nga eh hehe.. yun, wala lang.


About palab0y

I'm just a Computer Science student finding his way into the internet when suddenly he encountered different blog sites and had the interest to have his own one.

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  1. Nice! Sino yun? MG rin ba yun? Kamusta na? XD

  2. hindi po hehe.. non show bis yun

  3. wow naman, ang sweet!


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