Ministers of the Altars

This semester, our organization, Knights of the Altar, opened up for training women in altar service. In return changing our organization name to be Ministers of the Altar.

These changes led me into thoughts like being fair enoughto both genders in the kind of service we offer to the Lord. The downside is, since this is a first, women in our school still are hesitant to be the first women to serve the altar so it really is a challenge and it will take a real heart to serve the Lord without hesitations.

One more thing, election of officers took place just last week and guess what, who would have thought that the boy who once dreamed of being in the altar in a white sotane assisting the priest , that boy who also dreamed of sending fumes of incence go flying everywhere while leading 5 other servers as they march down the isle, would be thepresident of the organization…

πŸ™‚ At last, this is my first time to be an officer since I was in kindergarten and sure enough, my service to this organization finally paid off.

We were invested as knights on this day.

We were invested as knights on this day.


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  1. talaga naman oh…ang popogi..di lang kasali si Monse..hehehe

  2. nice one… πŸ™‚

  3. oh ha!! parang anghel lang πŸ˜› c kuya eman at omar happy n happy eh haha

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