Jigsaw Wants to Play with… Me

Hi Ralph, I want to play a game… “

Go play yourself!!

Seeing Jigsaw, that freaky old doll for the whole night until morning really gives me the creeps. After a movie marathon of Saw I-V, I never got the chance to sleep or eat well for the last two days and the schenes still brings some fresh blood and some brain splatter in my face.

Eeew, I would never, ever watch something like that for the whole night…

But I have to admit, they really know their way into a freaking humans mind. I like the way they think but not what they are thinking, too bad that kind of intelligence got into the head of a psycho who kills people for test results. Plus, the equipment they use for killing is really complicated and neat. But damn it still grosses me out.

Good thing i went to church immediately or i could never have slept with piece of mind.



About palab0y

I'm just a Computer Science student finding his way into the internet when suddenly he encountered different blog sites and had the interest to have his own one.

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  1. the bear trap scene is my personal favorite…


  2. mine is the swinging guilotine.. wooh a fast way to lose fat.. 🙂

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