Seeing Through

With six knights solemnly marching down the aisle, before the priest that greeted everyone with a smile, the beginning of a very remarkable day was marked.

It was a very peaceful Friday and it was clear to me what day it is. That was the day we celebrate St. Louise de Marillac’s feast day, and even though it was not the official day of the feast, my mind was set to the different duties that was assigned to me. To serve the altar on the Holy Eucharistic Celebration and to document the activities assigned to our department. And thus it began, a day that I was looking forward to, a day that I did not expect would end up the way it did.

The incense was burning and its fumes led the group to the altar. The mass was starting but my eyes were fixed on a group of people upfront. They were the ones assigned to our department and I was still wondering how we were going to teach them what we do. Their faces have never been new to me since I live in the very same building that they are studying. They were students by the way, students of an educational program sponsored by our school. So, are they capable of adapting to a very complicated world even we are having difficulties. Can we handle their nature and maintain order while we show them around. Even as both students, I know we have differences, and those differences are the ones keeping my mind pre occupied while I send fumes of fragrant incense rise inside the building. All I was able to do was pray for guidance and support so that I can help in this responsibility we took.

The smoke was gone, the chalice was wiped clean by the priest and the final blessing was done. The people became more exited at the moment. We went back to the place we started marching, assisted the priest and at last, my speculations will now face the answers I was waiting for. I changed my attire and held my camera, it’s time to share the world what this day has in store for us.

“All ALS students please make two lines and follow me!” cried our leader who led them to the room where the activities would be done. I took some shots and saw how they played around. Maybe they were not as interested to this as we were before but since this was a requirement, we did what we were asked to and tried our best to cooperate with them. At the room, some of us were leaving and only a few was taking the activity that serious. The students were waiting for us and still we do not know what to do. They came with their moderator which helped in the facilitating the students, I wish I can say the same for our group who were forcing themselves outside the room. Still I took some shots of their faces and took a few of mineJ.

A child came in and she was the one who will tell the story of the saint. Nobody noticed her but the teachers and I who took a quick snap shot. She began speaking and by moment she did, everyone stopped, smiled and listened. How can a child show no traces of fear in facing a public this big to tell a story? Everyone was silent and flashes from other cameras were going everywhere. Too bad mine was not as good as theirs; I just took whatever I can. You can hear a pin drop whenever she pauses and catches her breath, to me, this was a very touching moment for even our teachers cannot hold us this silent for even a short time. After her story, she smiled, bowed and the audience went wild clapping and applauding her performance. For a moment there, I felt a sense of joy and excitement, despite the silence, I felt everyone’s heart screaming and shouting in awe and inspiration to the kid.

A game followed in line with the story and once everyone had their fill with the laughs and joy of the activity, we sent them off to the tiangge and gave them snacks. We escorted them around the computer labs and decided to have a film viewing in the Information Technology Center; we all had a beautiful lunch together in preparation for the tutorial that our department prepared for them.

After all the activities, the anxious speculations, the excitement and everything else, It all comes to this, the main event of today’s activities, showing them what we do and giving them a little something or two from a computer science student. The tutorial began and everyone had their share. We taught them the basics and let them explore. We were delighted by their interest in this matter which led us to be motivated and teach them well. Some of them even asked for more tutorials besides the basics which we were more than willing to give.

Yes, they failed to go to school in the same way as we did, they did not go to whatever we went through and we did not know what they went through either. But one thing is certain; both of us have the same right, the right for education and freedom to know the things that is currently happening. People may be poor or out of luck but all of them deserve the acceptance of society in every way possible.

We sent them home along with all the wishes for them to reach their dreams, and be as successful as the others. The speculations I had before were all answered. Some of them falsified and others agreed with the reality that I saw through my eyes, my camera and my heart. My camera may be lacking in terms of feature and quality, but one thing is sure, it saw something that no other camera did. Through its lens, it was a witness of hope and love for ones dream and with this, I am really glad.


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