Envious Hopes and Dreams

I was hearing all the commotions from the US Elections and I just can’t help but to envy them. From the looks on their face when the winner was announced, there was hope and their hearts was full of it I presumed. Obama won the elections by landslide and I can think of only two reasons why. It is either the public got excited, since Obama was the first of his kind at the main seat in the white house, or it could be that he came from the race that has been inferior to most Americans that he gave each and every one of them a hope. From the marginalized people, to the Black Americans, and even to some white Americans which they believe is superior. With that hope of being uplifted from all the injustices and poverty, they did not hesitate on who to vote.

I envied those people because it is hard to see any signs of hope anymore in this country. During elections, it will be the same faces, same promises and people know that same results will only occur. I thought I wish someone would really step up and change everything. Someone who will give identity to the people behind the sun and stars shining in the red blue and white cloth. Someone who will give hopes to those who lost it. Someone who is not afraid to go down his throne and invite everyone inside.

I do not know much about politics but this is something I know, politics is now loosing its reputation here in our country. We are experiencing a little taste of what the Jews are experiencing. We do not need signs of our salvation, we need someone to believe in, and we need a savior from the pit of misfortune and corruption. Too bad Jesus Christ doesn’t show himself coming down from the heavens. He just shows up when we do not know he’s coming.

A few more years later, the 2010 presidential elections are up and still I don’t know if I will vote or what. I just want our country to be saved. And by our hope empowered votes, may God help them hear what the public really needs.


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I'm just a Computer Science student finding his way into the internet when suddenly he encountered different blog sites and had the interest to have his own one.

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  1. Sino ang nababalitaan mong tatakbo?

  2. si noli daw pag pumayag si ate V

  3. iboboto co si manny pacquiao. .

  4. can you make and post a blog about the new president of US?i think it has a big impact to the Filipinos..!?especially to the call center workers..actually, i have the idea but i don’t have a chance to..


    more power..

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