Scholarship Anyone?


To all High school graduates who cannot afford their College Schooling.

Are you dreaming of finishing your education yet too financially insufficient to do so? Do you know someone who do? Here is a possible soloution for you…

Here in Sacred Heart College, a scholarship grant is given besides that of the usual Academic Scolarships. It is called Marillac Grant In-Aid and is open to Catholic applicants who are willing to continue their studies in exchange for their assistance in the institution.


  • Free tuition and subsidized miscellaneous fees
  • Free breakfast
  • Free ordinary and dental services
  • Board and lodging at a very minimal fee
  • On-going Formation


  • Belongs to a low-income family with three (3) or more dependents
  • Physically and psychologically healthy
  • Single, 16-25 years old on application time
  • High School Graduate with an average of at least  85%
  • NO FAILING GRADE in any subject


  • Application letter addressed to Sr. Servant of Sacred Heart College
  • Bio-data with an autobiography
  • Clear copy of Birth and Baptismal Certificates
  • 4th year High School report Card
  • Baranggay Clearance
  • Health certificates with X-ray result
  • Certification of Good Moral Character from the Parish Priest and the School Principal
  • Sacred Heart College Entrance test result

If you are interested and has questions, you can either

email us at:

visit our site at:

call us at: (042) 710-3888/710-2505

You can also ask me heheh I am one of those people  who has been given the scholarship.


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