Cooling Off (if that’s what it is)

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

-someone who was probably

very far away from someone

What would you do if you are far away from someone you really love? It could be a family member, a friend and most commonly a special friend, a very special one. If im would be reading most of your minds, you would probably miss them, or long for them or be alone. But I have a question that needs to be answered. Can your longing for someone turn into hate, hate that will result into something that would really break your heart? Tell me please…

After a year an almost eighteen months of extending our patience and understanding to their extent, she gave up over the hands of coinsidence and made a decision, a decision that was passed on to me and was really, really hard for me. Since coincidence won’t let us spend time with each other, won’t let us see each other often, and always keeping us apart, she opposed and decided to be apart for a while. With reasons I can’t clearly see, maybe coincidence will oppose again and let us see each other again, sigh.

After hearing this, I asked myself, will I give you the freedom you said you want or will I be selfish enough to not let my heart get hurt by not letting you. The things I have said before now seem so hard to do. I thought while I cried, I really love her. But in the end, I gave it to her. No communications, no commitments nothing for a month. She only said a month but my mind keeps thinking the worst. What if she never comes back? Being the first time, this would really leave a scar. With that scar it will really be hard to become even just friends. Damn.

For thirty days I will try to endure this, if only radio stations would help me by not playing songs piercing my heart from the back. Sigh this would be a very, very long month. T_T

I even miss her already… God please don’t let her leave.


About palab0y

I'm just a Computer Science student finding his way into the internet when suddenly he encountered different blog sites and had the interest to have his own one.

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  1. Whew! I got my nose bleeding there!
    Yan nahawa tuloy ako kuya! Well, really..
    absence makes the heart grow fonder. I never knew what it was until that day I suddenly realized he was gone. Duh! I lost him just like that!
    I did not notice, rather I did not pay attention to what i already have kaya, in the end, I gain nothing! Oha! nag e-emote din ang lola! Dito ko naisipang magcomment kasi mejo nakakarelate ako..
    The only difference was na-revive ung inyo. yung akin…
    hmmm.., remain to be seen! mahaba-habang inuman pa siguro before ko masabi ang aming magiging ending! after all, hindi pa naman kami formally naguumpisa. Yes! You can say na nagiilusyon lang ako! haha.. But enaf of me.. i,m happy for you! Un lang ang masasabi ko! and oh, nice reading your articles. kahit mejo dumugo ang ilong ko! Continue writing! tama ba un! yan nagcomment na ko ha?

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