Co-existence = Brotherhood = Fraternities?

Just recently, In Tayabas City, Quezon, someone died because of a choice, a choice that he never imagined would change his and everybody’s lives that much. Maybe pressured by his friends or just pushed by his emotional problems, he chose to be one of something he never lived to be part with. He died because of hazing.

Hazing is an often ritualistic test and a task, which may constitute harassment, abuse or humiliation with requirements to perform random, often meaningless tasks, sometimes as a way of initiation into a social group. The definition can refer to either physical (sometimes violent) or mental (possibly degrading) practices; it may also include an ‘erotic’ element (notably nudity).

The word “hazing” is most frequently encountered in the United States and Canada. In the United Kingdom and some other Commonwealth countries, ragging, fagging or fooling is usually used instead. In Australia, the term “bastardisation” is used. In continental European languages, terms with a ‘christening’ theme or etymology are often preferred (e.g. baptême in French, Taufe in German, doop in Dutch in Flanders) or variations on a theme of naïveté and the rite of passage such as a derivation from a term for freshman (e.g. bizutage in French, ontgroening ‘de-green[horn]ing’ in Dutch) or a combination of both, such as in the Finnish mopokaste (literally “moped baptism”, “moped” being the nickname for freshmen, stemming from the concept that they would be barred from riding a full motorcycle by their age). In Swedish, the term used is “nollning”, literally, zeroing. In Spain, the term is “novatada” from “novato” meaning newcomer.

Often most or all of the endurance, or at least the more serious ordeal, is concentrated in an orgiastic collective session, which may be called hell night, or prolonged to a hell week and/or retreat or camp, sometimes again at the pledge’s birthday (e.g. by birthday spanking), but some traditions keep terrorizing pledges (a common term for the initiation candidates; alternative terms include newbie, rookie, mainly in athletic teams and freshman) over a long period, resembling fagging.

Hazing is often used as a method to promote group loyalty and camaraderie through shared suffering (male bonding in fraternities), either with fellow participants, past participants or both.

A tentative explanation from evolutionary psychology is that grave hazing can condition the habituation and internalization of the psychological trait known as Stockholm syndrome in humans.


Hearing the word hazing, the first thing that touches our minds is fraternities and their way of welcoming neophytes in their group. In other words, before becoming one of them, you must endure a series of tasks, may it be mental, psychological or the most common and painful, physical abuse.

Fraternity” and “Sorority” (from the Latin words frater and soror, meaning “brother” and “sister” respectively) are most commonly known as social organizations for undergraduate students at colleges and universities. There are also analogous, but less common, organizations for secondary students. Typically, fraternities are initiatory organizations, membership is considered active during the undergraduate years only, and the fraternity may be organized to provide academic mutual assistance, residential and dining facilities, and a comprehensive social calendar. –wikipedia

In short, fraternities did not start with the same reputation as the fraternities today, then fraternities and sororities are organizations which were dedicated in cooperating with the school or university when it comes to fund raising, for the maintaining of peace, orderliness and cleanliness of the campus. But you know as always in the Philippines, Filipinos tend to exaggerate everything every now and then. Nowadays, their purpose of joining these organizations is for the thrill of being inducted plus the benefits of having a group of thugs ready to break and bash for their protection.

From my thoughts and my opinions, I really don’t think that people don’t need to join these sort of organizations, just for the sake of brotherhood and such. Also, this is not a solution to our problems like our enemies or our desperate need for protection. If from the beginning, our rights as human being are being violated, what more on the rest of our membership if we are going to join. We were made to be stewards of our co-creations so we are responsible not just for the trees and animals but for the sake of our fellow brothers and sisters including ourselves. Think twice before thinking of joining. The moment you make up your mind about joining, the burden will start. Think of these things before thinking of joining such organizations.

· Think about yourself, what will happen to you in case you fail to endure all the challenges.

· Think about your parents, and how they would feel if ever you get hurt while joining the organization.

· Think about life, life is wonderful as it is, we just have to know how to adapt or dwell with the situations we are in.

(this one is the most important)

· Think about God, the one who created us. The one who loved us the most, and He will be our protector. If ever no one is accepting you, he will accept you with open arms. He’s the only one you need, no more, no less.

May I also take this opportunity to ask for your prayers for Chester Paulo Abracia who died recently because of this issue, he lives in Pagbilao, Quezon Philippines, 18 years old and is a student in a certain school here in Lucena Taking up Maritime. May he receive justice in what he had suffered under merciless people …


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  1. good day..i have read your new posted message..and i have only one advice to you..i don’t know if i am taking the right way..i don’t know if this is good..i won’t say that it is right..but this is only a very friendly advice..”wag mo silang salangin”..


  2. nj,

    its not that i am opposing them or something. its just that people today have the wrong perception when it comes to fraternities. Im just concerned with people who cannot find soloutions to their problems and turn to such groups as a last result. I know this is a fact, a lot of the countries political leaders and icons today came from the fraternities that has now a bad image in the public. Its not that I anm against, kinaklaro ko lang ang mga current issues ngayon. Thanks for the comment and the reminder… keep this up.

    “Di naman kasi dating ganun ang kalakaran noon, dati ang mga fraternities ang nangunguna when it comes to excellence and community service.”
    -Jake (from Manila)

  3. If I am your brother and you love me as brother, then you should not allow me or any part of body to get hurt. You will let me maligned, hit with a paddle, or tortured…

    Hazing is not a test of loyalty or brotherhood but a bloodlust of the members of the fraternity. It is barbaric and immoral.

    Anyone who does that should be punished because they are just the same as the NAZIs administering torture in concentration camps.

    They are a shame to the eyes of GOD.

  4. “Do not be afraid” yan ang sabi ni John Paul II

    I admire for your courage i writing this Piece. MY mom and dad was a member of a fraternity when they were in college and truth t otell, it wasn’t like we have today at all. They are bound not to haze but to offer help in times of need

    Fraternities today has a false sense of brotherhood and security. It is so sad that every initiation that should have been an occasion of joyful acceptance of the neophyte turns into bloody massacre.

    This hazing only started during Marcos time. Ewan ba kung bakit ang mundo ng Pinoy ay bumaligtad lahat ng panahon ni Marcos.

    Thanks for sharing me this post of yours. You write eloquently.

    Continue to spread the vincentian spirit.

    And wag ka matakot sa mga banta.. katawan mo lang naman ang masasaktan hindi kaluluwa… when we die, they will know the difference of the earthly pain from eternal pain. They can brake your body, they can even kill you, but they can never take away your soul….

    DO NOT BE AFRIAD to tell the truth!

    Pax et Bonum

  5. Ako member ako ng sorority, and I never once regretted my choice to join.

    Mali kasi ang intindi ng mga tao about frats and soros eh, hindi kami parehas ng NST at ng kung ano pang gang jan. If you want to see what out purpose is, try visiting UP Baguio. I am proud to say na walang problema ang mga frats dito – walang rumble, walang issue ng hazing.

    Kahit na nagkakagulo na ang mga ibang chapters ng frat sa buong Pilipinas, pagdating nila ng UP Baguio di sila gagalawin. Meron din kaming mga activities at outreach programs na nakakatulong sa community.

    Ewan ko sa ibang frat, pero sa amin, wala na kaming paluan. Maniniwala ba kayo nun? Hehehe… Pero totoo. Wala na kasing purpose yun ngayon – at bawal pa. as a matter of fact, pag me initiation kami, naiinvite kami ng teachers, pero walang pumupunta, natatakot siguro. pero kahit wala na kaming hazing, madami pa ding quitter, kasi di sila marunong ng time management.

    ano ang naging silbi ng sorority sa buhay ko? well, madami. at wag ka – grumaduate ang batch namin ng on time. 🙂

  6. ps… di ako galing sa ’70s.. masasabi kong buhay pa ang totoong purpose ng frats at soros – nasa UP Baguio

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  8. ako member ng frat, pero ngaun nagsisisi na ko kasi wala p lng mapapala d2 ,hihingian ka pa ng pondo wala naman nappntahan , kaya kung ako sa inyo wag na kayo sumali kasi humanap lng kayo ng sakit ng katawan at baka maging mitsa pa na buhay mo,, tgnan mo n lng ang nangyari kay chester, itinapon na lng ng basta basta, makamit nya sana ang katarungan ,, see photos here >

  9. Your blog has been one of my favorites of all time. … Thanks for writing such a great blog. I always enjoyed reading it,

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