Co-Existence with the Things Around Me Began Here…

Co-Existence with the Things Around Me Began Here…

For many stories that have been told already, about people and the great things they did, may it be about art, war, excellence or leadership, their great lives started from the day they were born up to the day they close their eyes. But for individuals like me, who looks the same as everyone around me, it’s different… a lot different. My real life did not start from the day I was born but instead, it started when I became part of a world different to mine.

I admit that high school wasn’t really about school for me. It was about being a kid at the same time an adult. Where I did what I wanted to in the extent of my limitations. From friends to hang-outs, those were the life of teenagers. Non-stop fun was the scenery even if it is in the brink of quarterly exams. We kids are just unstoppable. But everything has endings, after we graduated, the fun was said to be just beginning but for us, it was the last of our happy days.

That was my so called life, but there was no meaning. Just like for toddlers where nothing is good or bad, they just do what they want since they still don’t know the rules in this world. So there it was, the fun we had vanished slowly, but I tried to bring the fun along with me. In the sense of I still don’t want to let go of my childhood and embrace the responsibilities of adults alike. Up to now, I don’t know how it happened but eventually, I managed to be the responsible person I imagined I would be.

And it all started in college, when I entered in this prestigious institution. Here, it is different, really different, not because religion was involved, but here, real life awaits me. The earlier time of my life was just fun, no grief, pain or suffering. And since the only way for me to study here is to work, I had no option but to do the thing I never did before… work sigh. Work is hard, it is tiring and it really gives you that feeling that you don’t sell that good anymore. That’s why I hated it. But there was a twist in the work here, it was fun. Eventually I learned to love the thing I hated then. Today I value my work as well as my studies. Even though the two takes out a lot of my time, I still find time for myself. Not just that in here I learned how to value the things around me. It’s like a total formation that I never noticed happening. Natuto pati akong mag-aral dito. So there it is, this is the life, life which is not about just fun but joy inside my heart. Kung tumigil nga ako di sana walang post dito diba?

It all started here, where I saw the things around me. And still, it is a continuous effort to live and deal with them for the rest of my life.


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I'm just a Computer Science student finding his way into the internet when suddenly he encountered different blog sites and had the interest to have his own one.

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